Welcome to GazoTech, a provider of gasification systems that convert various feedstocks into ‘syngas’ that can directly power gas engines or dual-fuel burners to generate clean electricity and/or heat – while still meeting the toughest emissions standards.

We’re proud to make our contribution towards mitigating climate change and empowering industries, farmers, and local communities with new sources of renewable energy and revenue.

By converting low-value feedstocks into high-value energy and biochar, our gasification systems can transform over 50 types of biomass – from agricultural wastes (e.g. rice husks, sugarcane stalks) to MSW and old tires – into green energy and profits.

The GazoTech model combines well-proven gasification technology (over 900 references) developed by Ankur Scientific Energy Technology and further optimized with world-class French engineering and full customer support. Our complete gasification solutions maximize both economic and environmental performance.


Contact us today and let’s discuss how GazoTech can support your project and technology needs.

GazoTech SAS
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